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Helena Laurent Illustration Zürich

Hi there!

This is a small fraction of my artistic universe.

My creative career has been very varied as I love discovering new things. Working as a freelance illustrator since 2009 – I have ventured into various other artistic areas including photography, graphic design, web design, teaching children and teens, and serving as an art director.

Today I focus on illustrating and consulting and am doing it with heart and passion.

Illustration Zürich

scientific and editorial illustration

2020 - 2023

Process Work | Institute for Process Work Zurich

Process-oriented psychology | Coaching & Supervision

2015 - 2018

Art Education | ZHdK | Zurich University of the Arts

aesthetic education and socio-culture

2006 - 2009

Scientific Visualization | ZHdK | Zurich University of the Arts



2001 - 2002

Propadeutics | HGKZ | Zurich School of Arts & Design

photography | video

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